Thursday, August 1, 2013

8/1/2013 -- It's August! -- Legs & Cardio

I kicked my own butt this morning, no joke. I got up earlier than normal, powered through my weight sets (skipping one of the exercises because I don't have the room/ability to do it at my gym) and then jumped on the elliptical machine for an additional twenty minutes. AND THEN I got home, cooked and packed us lunch (just wait until you see what it is), had a shower and came to work.

Fitbit says I hit 5,000 steps before I even sat down at my desk at 9:00am. That is how I want to start every day because I feel like a million bucks.

Looking forward to our last day of weights for the week tomorrow and carrying this momentum through to the weekend. Happy Thursday!

Thursday weights:

3 set/10 rep Leg extensions @ 40 lbs
3 set/10 rep Wide stance barbell squat @ 20 lbs + bar
3 set/10 rep Single-leg barbell deadlift @ 10 lbs
3 set/10 rep Lying leg curls @ 50 lbs
3 set/10 rep Seated calf raise @ 25 lbs
3 set/10 rep Standing calf raises @ 50 lbs + bar
Skipped: Walking barbell lunch


20 minutes on the elliptical

Total burn: 277

And I was a hot, sweaty mess. :)

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