Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/23/2013 -- Chest & Triceps

I started this morning at a "it's still dark outside" 5:45am. I still cannot believe that we have been able to do so, but I dragged myself out of my bed (reluctantly) and got ready to go. Today was a simple arms day and the whole thing (with the 1 minute breaks in between sets) lasts about 45 minutes, assuming all of the machines/weights are readily available.

I feel kind of weird taking photos of myself in the mirrors, but I also I don't care. I pay to use the equipment, I come in and do my work out and if I want to take a damn photo then I will! I do find that I am the only girl in the weights area of our Rec Center, though. Most of the women that come in go for the cardio (treadmill, row machine and/or elliptical). Oh well, I want to be healthy and good fitness requires some strength training so there we go.

Tuesday weights:

3 set/12 rep Wide Push Ups @ body weight
3 set/12 rep Dumbbell Bench Press @ 20 lbs
3 set/12 rep Flat Bench Cable Flyes @ 6 lbs
1 set/12 rep Narrow Push Ups @ body weight
3 set/12 rep Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension @ 10 lbs
3 set/12 rep Tricep Pushdown @ 5 lbs

And after all of it I looked something like this (while listening to Breaking Benjamin):

Tuesday eats:

Breakfast -- 7:30am -- Breakfast smoothie with vegan protein powder, pear, spinach, strawberries, flaxmilk and banana.

Morning snack -- 10:30am -- 1 large banana

Lunch -- 12:30pm -- Buffalo penne pasta (Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce, hemp milk, dairy free butter and Teese vegan cheddar cheese sauce) with spinach, grape tomatoes and a half 365 Everyday Value Breaded Chickenless Patty.

Afternoon snacks -- 3pm and 5pm -- 1 navel orange and 18g natural almonds

Dinner -- 7:30pm -- Black bean taco Tuesday with homemade pico and guacamole!

[photo will be posted tonight]

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