Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/30/2013 -- Back & Biceps

Today went a lot better than yesterday for sure. The work out below took about 45 minutes, including the time I need to move equipment around and set up. It was relatively quick, but let me tell you: my biceps were on fire by the time I was done. I mean, holy hell! I can definitely feel the changes (and just wait until you see this week's bicep progress photo on Friday) and am looking forward to moving into Phase 2 of the program the week after next, in which we start adding cardio in regularly.

Either way, we're off to a good start and today is already rockin'!

Tuesday Weights:

3 set/10 rep Hammer Strength Lat Pull @ 27 lbs
3 set/10 rep Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown @ 40 lbs
3 set/10 rep Seated Narrow Grip Cable Rows @ 5 lbs
3 set/10 rep T-Bar Row @ bar + 25 lbs
3 set/10 rep Back Extensions @ body weight
3 set/10 rep Barbell Curl @ bar + 20 lbs
3 set/10 rep Incline Dumbbell Curl @ 5 lbs
3 set/10 rep Alternate Hammer Curl @ 10 lbs

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