Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/25/2013 -- Legs & Calves

Thursday weights:

3 set/12 rep Leg Press @ 50 lbs
3 set/12 rep Leg Extension @ 40 lbs
3 set/12 rep Wide Stance Barbell Squat @ 50 lbs
3 set/12 rep Standing Calf Raises @ 50 lbs
3 set/12 rep sitting Calf Raises @ 25 lbs
3 set/12 rep Seated Leg Curl @ 70 lbs

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it: The squats kicked my ass. It floors me because I used to be able to squat over 150 pounds. I used to be able to load up the leg press like it was nothing. Now I'm hardly able to push around fifty pounds on any of them. I guess that's kind of what I get for taking a decade long hiatus, but man. It sucks.

Even so, we were out the door by 5:55am and I got through all six of the exercises on today's work out so at the very least I know I'm on the right path. Even if I'm sore all over and just want to go back to bed.

I'm not entirely sure where that big bruise on my thigh came from, but I am pretty clumsy. I didn't even notice it until I was taking this photo, haha. Klutzy Nicole is in the house!

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