Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/24/2013 -- The Eats

I didn't include my food intake in my previous post but I think that's a really important part of what makes a "healthy day" in my book. Just because I worked out doesn't mean I did well overall. And I know I mentioned only doing my food counts on my off days, but going forward I plan to share every day.

The following are screenshots from My Fitness Pal with my intakes and the calorie counts.


(V) = A recipe I entered manually that is vegan
(R) = A recipe I entered that is entirely raw

Note: If you see any recipe or meal that sounds like something you'd want to try please feel free to email me. Give me a day or two to get back with you and I will make sure to send it with measurements and the full nutritional panel (per serving) as well as how many servings it makes, the amount of time it takes and how to store it for short and long term use.

I am also going to take a photo of dinner tonight and I'll make sure to share that with you (it should be an awesome meal!) around 8pm. Make sure to check back and have a look. ;)

Update: Dinner!

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