Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/25/2013 -- The Eats!

Food is my obsession. I was telling a friend yesterday that exact thing, actually. I said (via chat):
I eat constantly. All day. And when I'm not eating I think about what I get to eat next and how long until that time. All day long.
I have to plan my meals, my snacks and then I have to make time to eat. If not I get irritable and intolerable. Because I'm vegan, because I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables (a lot of which are fairly easily broken down in my digestive system, and because I eat average to small sized meals I have to eat more often.

My eating habits have changed since we started working out, though. I'm eating larger breakfasts, and even slightly larger lunches and dinners and slightly smaller snacks. I find I need the bigger meals to carry me through the day now. Possibly because we are getting up earlier or just because my body is craving more with the weight lifting I'm not sure, but I'm feeling good.

When I took the screenshot below I had forgotten to add my vitamins, but I did take my multi, iron and B-Complex. I am also going to be adding a calcium pill. Iron+calcium for women in my age range and people that are working out (strength training especially) is very important so I want to make sure I'm not going to suffer any deficiencies.

I'm also not cooking tonight. I make breakfast lunch and dinner for Jason and I about 20-25 times a week. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen making us fresh food-- and I love that, but sometimes I need a break. We are going to have some Chipotle burrito bowls this evening and I feel good about that. It's well deserved and other than the sodium it's not that bad. :)


(V) = A recipe I entered manually that is vegan
(R) = A recipe I entered that is entirely raw

(Click image to see a larger, more readable version.)

My morning breakfast sandwich with a Nature's Own english muffinYves Canadian bacon, some homemade baked black soybean tofu and Chicago Vegan Foods Teese creamy cheddar sauce

I also wanted to mention I used to buy Thomas english muffins until I realized their entire line has nonfat milk and/or whey. So just a reminder to read your labels and don't assume that one brand or any product is "safe".

Also, I love making big enough portions of our dinners to throw in a container and have lunch ready to go. So leftovers for me this afternoon for lunch!

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