Monday, July 22, 2013

What's in a name?

I believe I need to share with you why I named my blog what I have.

"Wave Hello"/"antiflabbyarms" has been born of a place of deep seeded insecurity. After losing 110+ pounds I still look at myself in the mirror and feel some sort of disgust and anger. I have stretch marks on my sides, arms, legs and everywhere in between. My stomach still sags slightly and I have flabby arms. I hate waving to people more than anything in the entire world. I wore long sleeves for years trying to hide the remnants of my fat days.

Seriously. They're flabby.

I want nothing more than to raise my arm and say, "Hello, friends and family! I am comfortable with my body and I don't mind you looking at me because I am healthy and fit!" This is not an overnight transformation, and I know that I've got a lifetime of work in front of me, but each day I want to wake up with a little more muscle tone and little more confidence. Maybe someday I'll pass you on the street and be able to wave proudly, smile widely and help make your day a little brighter. 

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