Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/27/2013 -- Semi resting, yoga & other things

I took my first yoga class this weekend-- and I feel in love with it.

Jason came with you (thanks, babe) and we both felt like a million dollars after. I had never imagined that yoga would be such a work out, honestly, but both he and I turned to each other as soon as we were done and mouthed quietly, "Oh my god I'm sweating!!" Our instructor was a tiny thing, but clearly she lives the life. She was patient and kind, accepting and welcoming and I know that I found a new practice that I will follow through with for the rest of my life.

We are considering taking a few other classes throughout the week, but have certainly settled on Saturday mornings (and I am seriously considering going for the $75/mo unlimited so I can go two or three times a week since it's right around the corner from my house).

We both felt so alive when we finished and walked out just dripping enthusiasm. We knew immediately that that is how we want to start our weekends. I am already looking forward to next week, aaaaaand have pulled out my budget to see if I can get the unlimited fit in there somewhere.

Other than that, we went for a walk at Al Lopez Park and ate split a Publix veggie sub on wheat. It was a great way to continue our active day. Then we got a little naughty:

So, Whole Foods Tampa had an ice cream social with some fantastic vegan options. From the top left down we had: So Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream and a ginger cookie, So Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream and a homemade crock pot peach cobbler, Raw Banana Nice Cream and raw, dehydrated granola (both of which we learned to make at the raw cooking class I mentioned a couple entries ago and a small root beer float. 

Not surprisingly the raw banana "ice cream" with the raw granola was by far my favorite. Jason had some different options (since he's still lacto-ovo veggie) and told me his favorite was a small chocolate cake/brownie with a raspberry ice cream. Either way it was a fun little get together and we really enjoyed attending.

With all of that said, I have some other news bottled up and I'm hesitating to mention too much about it here because (I'm a little superstitious and) I don't want to jinx it. Look forward to hearing more about it (whether it goes the way I want or not) but please keep your fingers crossed for me. I really, really want this to pan out and it would take my life in the exact direction I've been struggling for for the last few years. This could be my life's break through!

With all of that out of the way, here is my food log from yesterday (and as always if you have the recipes just shoot me an email):

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